4 февраля 2018, Москва


Посетили тренинг одного из самых популярных преподавателей английского языка и всемирно известного методиста Хью Деллара. Хью Деллар -соавтор уникальных учебников «Outcomes»,«Innovations», а также книги по методике преподавания «Teaching Lexically».


Тренинг Хью Деллара был посвящен двум темам: Teaching Lexically + Materials Development.

Part 1:
An introduction to Teaching Lexically
The Lexical Approach is first and foremost a way of looking at language. What does a lexical view of language look like? And how does it differ from a more traditional grammar-centric way of seeing things? How might the way we approach structures, vocabulary, listening, reading and speaking in our classrooms change if we change the way we approach our subject matter? In this short - but intensive - session we’ll explore answers to all of these questions, and more!

Part 2:
Materials Development
The vast majority of teachers make their own materials at some time oranother, whether it’s a revision sheet, a lesson based around a video, or a whole short course. The way we approach the process of making these materials is obviously shaped by our own views about language. Over these three hours, we’ll look at some basic principles for designing materials that I have come to hold, and consider how we can write better vocabulary, comprehension and grammar exercises.

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